Monday, February 7, 2011

I Will Ride Again

The century ride.
100 miles, the marathon of bicycling.
In the past I have trained for and ridden the Philadelphia LiveStrong Challenge because I wanted to push myself, I wanted to see what I was capable of and I wanted to support a worthwhile charity while doing so. I never saw cancer in my future and a piece of me always hoped that my participation in this event could make sure that one day no one saw cancer in their future.
On December 28, 2010 it wasn't about the future anymore, cancer became my present, but I will fight this and I will win. While doing so I will also condition and ready myself to cover 100 miles on my bicycle at the 2011 Philadelphia LiveStrong Challenge, August 20-21, 2011 with a smile on my face, I'm too stubborn not to.
Cancer is my present, but maybe it is also my gift. This is my time to dig deeper, push harder and give more. This is my chance to give back to an organization that is giving so much to me and this is my opportunity to inspire to a level I never dared dream of. I will ride again and it will be for all of you.
Please consider supporting me or joining and/or supporting Team Dougan for the 2011 Philadelphia LiveStrong Challenge.


  1. damn it. you made me cry again. AGAIN! :P

    will definitely support your ride but more importantly... i was already contemplating signing up for the 5K. :) so i can be there in person to yell funny things at you from the finish line, too.

  2. Well....I can always hop back on my bike and ride behind you and yell the funny things that Heather texts to me.

  3. Ok, well...that was Jeri that posted the last comment, not sure why my name is anao hfa; fausfa; now.

  4. Nice! I can't speak for Brian, but I know that I'd love it if you joined us, Jeri. I have a sort of bad habit of yelling funny things to Brian while he's racing. Funny or asinine, I'll let him be the judge. ;)

  5. Phew, I was wondering how to pronounce that, thank you for going back to Jeri. And Heather is right, nothing makes my smile more than the "positive" encouragement Heather likes to shower me with when I am racing.

  6. Fantastic goal! I am going to see if I can arrange my summer schedule to head out that way too.

  7. Hey buddy me and some friends have decided to run the livestrong marathon for you in texas. it's in may and I am pretty pumped. It will be our first marathon we have all ran. But we feel that this is the one we should do.

  8. That is awesome, keep me posted as to how training is going and when you get some fundraising pages up.