Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chemotherapy Cycle Two

Tomorrow morning it begins again, I will be checking back into the hospital for the beginning of cycle two, which includes another week in the hospital with five days of chemotherapy treatments. There is the part of me that is not looking forward to being knocked down again, having every ounce of strength, energy and endurance taken away, but I know it is necessary. And this will be the beginning of being halfway through with chemotherapy, as long as everything stays on track.
Today I found myself to be particularly tired, but I have been sleeping well the past few nights, and have been able to nap as well. It has been pleasant to have my sleep schedule back to normal, even for a few days, we will see if it gets thrown all askew again after I get home from the hospital.
They say that laughter is the best medicine. I was lucky enough for a surprise visit from a couple of great friends and they provided me with a very large dose and I thank them for it. It was just the pick me up I needed to get me ready for Monday, along with my day on the couch and multiple naps today. I thank everyone for their continued support, thoughts, prayers and care packages, you all give me the strength I need.


  1. had a bad week....

    The verbal abuse this weeknd was awesome. I haven't laughed that much in awhile. Good luck with this week.

  2. I am still laughing thinking about, enough so that it still brings a tear to my eye. Those were some much needed quality laughs.

  3. Damn it. Jim and I need to coordinate visits so you guys can beat up on me together. ;)

  4. Brian,
    I may not send you comments often, but I do check your blog regularly. Know you are in my thoughts and prayers. And I know you are strong enough to get through this.
    Take care,

  5. I appreciate that Ginny, thank you.