Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stress and the Pending Test

11:25 am, I received my confirmation call for tomorrow's CT scan. I am REALLY looking forward to the two bottles of contrast I have to drink tomorrow, but it is berry flavored, so maybe it will be all right.
It seems to be an amazing coincidence, but today's LiveStrong support topic is all about stress. This is pretty good timing for this article as I need to remember to relax, get out for a run (and maybe follow it with some yoga) and not drive myself TOO crazy before Friday's appointment to go over the pathology and CT results. My doctor cautioned me last week to not to work myself up too much by reading a lot of articles until we fully know what the plan will be but it is hard to sit back knowing I have cancer, but not knowing the extent and what the treatment plan will be.

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