Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Milestone Reached

Saturday I reached a milestone in my cancer journey, I completed my fourth of four scheduled rounds of chemotherapy and I was able to ring the bell to celebrate my exiting of the chemo ward and the completion of this leg of my battle.
I truly owe a great deal of thanks, more than I can ever express, to all my friends, family, members of my medical team and the countless others along the way that shared encouragement, thoughts, prayers and support. You are all what gave me the strength to carry on.
Of course my battle is far from over, in some ways it is just beginning. Within the next month I will be heading in for further appointments, some to monitor the lasting effects of some of the various chemotherapy side effects, most importantly though I will be having another series of scans to see what residual tumor masses remain and then discussing what surgical options will be necessary to remove them. They say chicks dig scars right? If the bald look didn't do it, this should definitely make me irresistible. I'll have to see what Ellon thinks about that theory.


  1. Scars, balding, Vin Diesel good looks, I'd say you are a chick magnet ready made!